Adding & removing markers

Markers can be reused across analysis projects and added, removed or changed at anytime from the Landing and Analysis pages.

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Markers can be added to, or removed from projects via the Landing page or the Analysis Page.

Add Markers from the Analysis page

From an open audio or video project:

  1. Open the Projects Settings menu in the top left corner

  2. Select Markers. A pop-up window will open.

  3. To add a marker: Check the box next to the marker name

  4. To remove a marker: Uncheck the box next to the marker name

  5. Changes are saved automatically.

  6. Click on Done when finished.

Add Markers from the Landing page

From the Landing page:

  1. Open the context menu: Right click on the file you'd like to add or remove markers from. The Select Markers pop-up window will open.


  • Markers can be added to or removed from projects at any point during the analysis life cycle

  • New Markers and marker options can be added to a project at anytime

  • Event tags referencing removed markers will continue to reference them but the marker will not be visible 

  • To view removed Markers associated to event tags, re-add the Markers and open the project to view the analysis

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