Markers explained Analysis tools includes Dashboards, Tags, Markers, and Filters. This article explains Markers.

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Analysis in takes place on the analysis page. 

The Analysis page includes several analysis tools: Dashboards, Tags, Markers, and Filters. 

  • Dashboards are used to index or tag moments of interest in the video and focus the area of study

  • Tagged moments of interest can be further categorized using markers

  • Tagged moments can be filtered to draw deeper insight

Dashboards and Tags

The initial process of analyzing media involves indexing or tagging key moments or events in audio or video files using dashboards and tags.

Dashboards and dashboard tags together help focus your study and bring structure to your analysis.


Each tagged moment of interest, or event tag can be further categorized using Markers

Where as dashboard tags label specific types of events, markers can be thought of as  indicators which will have relevance to most or all events.

A marker contains a title with a dropdown list of selectable options. Only a single option can be selected.

Examples of markers include: 

  • Client/Therapist with options Client, Therapist, Both, Neither 

  • Channel with options Visual, Auditory, Movement, Proprioceptive, World/Synchronistic, Relationship

One or more markers can be added to each analysis project.

For example, a single event for can be marked as belonging to Client in the Movement channel.

Designing your markers

Like dashboards, markers can be flexibly designed to suit your needs.

When designing your markers, its helpful to start out by thinking about and designing your dashboards: make a list of the types of events you would like to tag.

Once you have this list, think about the attributes which will be similar to all these types. These attributes will form the basis of your markers. 

Get started

To get you started, a basic list of markers has been included in your account. To edit these, follow the instructions in the Creating and editing markers article.


  • Changes made to a dashboard or tag will carry across all projects and event tags where those tags and dashboards are in use.

  • Dashboards and dashboard tags can be added to or removed from projects at any point during the analysis life cycle

  • Event tags referencing removed dashboards and dashboard tags and will continue to reference them in the analysis list

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