View your account usage

Account usage details including storage, collaborators and dashboard counts can be viewed in the Account section.

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To view your usage, access the Account page

  1. Signin to the app - visit 

  2. Open the app menu: Click on your name in the top right corner of the app

  3. Selet Account

Account details

Account details listed include your 

  • Plan type

  • Payment period - monthly or yearly 

  • Next payment date

  • Organization membership

Account Usage

Your account usage details are listed below Your Usage. Your usage is listed in comparison to the amount available to your plan type

  1. Storage Is calculated based on the size of the files you have uploaded.

  2. Collaborators The total number of unique people invited to collaborative projects.

  3. Dashboards The total number of unique dashboards in your account

  4. Transcription minutes The total number transcription minutes remaining in the current month

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