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Create a Project: Uploading Video and Audio Files
Create a Project: Uploading Video and Audio Files

Everything you need to know about uploading your first video and audio files, file formats, storage limits and file sizes.

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Files can be uploaded either using drag & drop, or through selecting the file on your computer.

In the app, go to the Landing page where all your files and folders are listed, and follow either of the below methods.

Method 1: Drag & Drop

  1. Locate your file: Depending on whether you're using Mac, Windows or Linux, use Finder or Explorer to locate the video or audio file.

  2. Once located, click on it and drag the video into, dropping it into the uploader when it turns green.

  3. The upload will begin immediately.

Method 2. File Selection

  1. Open your Explorer or Finder: Click on the Select link in the uploader box (see above image).

  2. A pop-up window will open with your computer's Explorer or Finder application, depending on if you're using Mac, Windows or Linux.

  3. Find and Select the video or audio file you would like to upload.

  4. The upload will begin immediately.

File Formats

Both video and audio files can be analyzed using and most modern file formats are accepted. If you have a format we do not accept, drop an email.

Notes on Uploading

  • The speed of your upload will depend on the size in GB of the file you are uploading and the speed of your internet connection.

  • While uploading, be sure to stay on the app browser page and keep your computer switched on to prevent it from going into sleep mode.

  • Once your file has uploaded, it will be prepared for use on This can take several minutes. At this point, you can close the browser window or switch off your computer.

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