Removing collaborators

Removing collaborators from collaborative projects is done from the Landing page.

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From the Landing page, navigate to the file/project from which you'd like to remove collaborators from, then:

  1. Select the file: single-click on it

  2. Notice the collaborators listed beneath INFO on the right of the page:

  3.  Hover your mouse over the collaborator you'd like to remove
  4.  Notice the X delete button appear next to the collaborator's name
  5.  Remove the collaborator: click on the X delete button


  • Removing collaborators from projects will not delete their analysis - their replies and event tags will remain visible and accessible to you and other collaborators.

  • Removed collaborators can be re-added to projects again later.

  • Collaborators can be added, re-added or removed from projects at any point during the analysis life cycle

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