Creating & editing dashboards

Creating dashboards, editing them, and using them to focus your area of study.

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Creating & Editing Dashboards is simple with the Dashboard Editor. 


  1. Click on Create Dashboard to create a new dashboard, or the title of an existing dashboard to edit it

  2. Create new dashboard tags: click on the create tag, select the newly created tag, and edit in the area on the right beneath Tag Info

  3. Add tags to the dashboard: select the tag you would like to add to the dashboard and drag and drop it on the dashboard

  4. Remove tags from the dashboard: hold your mouse over the tag you would like to remove from the dashboard and click on the x in the top right corner of the tag. This will remove it

  5. Make a dashboard default: default dashboards are added to each video automatically when it is uploaded. To make a dashboard default, select the dashboard and check the default box beneath its title.

  6. All changes are saved automatically.

Use Dashboards to Focus Your Study

While dashboards are the key analysis tool used to tag or index key moments in your media. they additionally focus your area of study. For example, use a language dashboard to focus on what is being said.

Alternatively, conduct a comparative study of interventions.

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