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⏳Test Your Internet Speed
⏳Test Your Internet Speed

Internet speed will impact the time it takes for media files to be uploaded. Use this link to understand your internet speed.

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The Internet Speed Test conducts a quick and comprehensive download and upload test of your current internet speed.

While download speeds will not impact your experience too much, a slow upload speed will impact uploading media files.

  • A Slow 3G connection is around 0.3 Mbps, or 300 kbps. This is slow.

  • A Fast 3G connection is around 0.8 Mbps or 800 Kbps. Still slow, but faster. 

  • An 800 MB file will take around 2.5 hrs on a 0.8 Mbps connection.

If you're on a slow internet connection...

Use video compression and adjust the recording quality to decrease the size of media files.

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