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Instructions & FAQ's for signing up for a account.

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Signing up for a account is simple, free and does not require a credit or debit card:

Sign up

  1. To sign up, click here or visit 

  2. Enter your name, email address and password.

  3. Select whether or not you'd like to receive news and updates from us

  4. Read and accept's Terms and Privacy Policy

  5. Click on Signup

Verify your email address

  1. A verification code will be emailed to email address you entered. If you you cannot find it, check your spam and junk mail folders.

  2. Enter the code in the box provided

  3. Click on Verify

And that's it, sign up complete!! 

You can now sign in using the email address and password you entered.


  1. Your email address is your username for your account and will be used with your password to sign in.

  2. Passwords must have a length of at least 8 and contain uppercase & lowercase characters, numbers and special characters: ^ $ * . [ ] { } ( ) ? - " ! @ # % & / , > < ' : ; | _ ~ `

  3. Change or reset your password by following these instructions.

  4. Can I cancel my account? If you're on the Trial or using the Collaborator Plan, you can simply stop using the app. If you have an upgraded plan, cancel your subscription first. 

  5. Can I delete my account? Yes. contact to completely delete your account. 

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