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Preferences allow a finer control over your analysis experience. Learn how to view and update your preferences.

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Customize your analysis experience to your needs! Setting default preferences allows a finer control over analysis, the media player, and tagged events. 

When analyzing a project, these project settings are set by default, and some of them can additionally be edited during playback - see below.

To view and update your preferences, sign in to and access the Account page

  1. Sign in to the app - visit 

  2. Open the app menu: click on your name in the top right corner

  3. Select Account

  4. Select Preferences to view and edit your preferences:

Understanding preferences


  1. Pause on tag When selected, media playback will pause when a dashboard tag is clicked on, giving you the opportunity to fill in tag notes, edit the title and add other information before resuming playback.

  2. Pause on type When selected, media playback is paused when typing in the dashboard comments area. Once the comment is submitted, playback automatically resumes.

Both pause on tag and pause on type can be toggled on and off during analysis:

3. Lead play time When playing an event tag, lead play time is the number of seconds to start playback before the tagged time of the event. In the below image, the tagged time of the event is 00:10 seconds. With a lead time of 6 seconds, playing this event tag will start payback 6 seconds before, at 00:04 seconds

Media Player Preferences

  1. Replay The number seconds to replay in the media player when using the Replay button.

  2. Forward Play The number seconds to scan forward in media player when using the Forward Play button.

  3. Playback speed adjustment Used to adjust the playback speed - IE, if you want to watch the video in slow motion or fast motion. Comings soon!

If you would like to have the option of adjusting more preferences, let us know! 

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