Adding a Moodle LTI Integration

For account admins, learn how to add a Moodle LTI integration to your account and connect it with your Moodle server.

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LTI integrations are available in all organization accounts or by request, and can be added from the Integrations page.

Interested in an LTI integration other than Moodle? Contact us.


Add your Moodle installation as a integration:

  1. Log into your account and go to Account or Account & Members.

  2. Select Integrations.

  3. To add a Moodle integration, click on the Install button next to Moodle LTI Integration

  4. Enter your Moodle consumer ID in the space provided. This is your Moodle domain name, without any slashes and without www For example, 

  5. Click on Install to finalize the integration.

You will now see your *Secret key and the Tool URL. These will be needed to complete the integration in Moodle (see below). Your secret key should be kept safe and not shared with others. 

In Moodle...

Step 1: Add as an external too

Log into your Moodle account and follow the steps below (or go directly to https://[my-moodle-domain]/mod/lti/toolconfigure.php  and skip to 3.)

  1. Access Site Administration and select the tab for Plugins.

  2. Select Activity modules > External Tools > Manage tools

  3. Copy the Tool URL from your account (created in the above section) and under Manage tools, Add tool enter the Tool URL. Click on Add

  4. On the next screen, add a unique Consumer key, such as your admin email address . Copy the Secret key from your account (created in the above section) and in Moodle paste into the space provided for Shared secret. Click on Save changes

Step 2: Configure

Click on the cog icon (indicated in image below) to open the External tool configuration:

Configure the tools as per below:

  1. Under Tool Settings, set Tool configuration usage to "Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool"

  2. Set Default launch container to "New Window" to open in a new window. This is very important to ensure all features are accessible.

  3. If Icon URL or Secure icon URL are not set, use 

  4. Under the Privacy section, set Share launcher's name with tool to "Always"

  5. Set Share launcher's email with tool to "Always"

  6. Set Accept grades from the tool to "Always"

  7. Check Force SSL

  8. Click on Save changes to complete setup. can now be added to your Moodle activities... 🎉🎉🎉

*Find out more about LTI integration security, consumer keys and shared secrets here.

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