Organization and enterprise account holders enjoy unlimited, organization-wide collaboration between members and centralized billing, among other benefits. 

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Invite members to your Organization Account

  1. Sign in to you account and go to Account > Members

  2. Click on Invite People, add one or more email addresses of the people you would like to invite, and click on Send Invitations


  1. Invitees will be sent an email containing an accept link. They will need to click on this link to initiate acceptance.

  2. Existing users who are invited to your organization will be directed to the sign in and either Accept or Decline  the invitation.

  3. Invitees who are new to will be directed to sign up for a new account to join your organization.

  4. Invitations can be re-sent as needed.

Auto-add Members to your Organization Account

Users who are in the same email domain as your organization (for example, can automatically be added to your account.

To turn this feature on or off,  sign in to you account and go to Account > Members, and check or uncheck the auto-add:

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