View organization members status and last logins, as well as deactivate and/or reactivate membership, from the Members page

Activate & Deactivate Accounts

  1. Sign in to you account and go to Account > Members

  2. The activate / deactivate option can be found in the members' dropdown: 


  • Status Member indicates the person is a current member of your organization or enterprise.

  • Status Invite Pending indicates the person has been invited but has not yet accepted the invitation to join your organization

  • Status Deactivated indicates the person is no longer a member of your organization. 

  • Deactivating a membership removes the person from your account and they will no longer enjoy the benefits of your organization. The user will still be able to access audio and video projects they have been invited to collaborate on.

Organization and enterprise account holders enjoy unlimited, organization-wide collaboration between members and centralized billing, among other benefits. 

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