Dreamaker.io's keen focus on security extends to our LTI integrations.

Together with the your Moodle consumer key, the secret key, also called a shared key, can be thought of as a username-password combination which authenticates access between your Moodle server and Dreamaker.io

If your Moodle server has been compromised, or if you are following a strict security policy requiring the regular rotation of secret keys and passwords, Dreamaker.io's intuitive interface makes it simple to reset your secret key as and when need.

Resetting your secret key

In Dreamaker.io...

  1. Go to Account or Account & Members and select Integrations.

  2. To reset the secret key for your Moodle integration, click on Reset Secret Key. The secret key will be refreshed and the new key immediately visible.

In Moodle...

Log into your Moodle account and go to https://[my-moodle-domain]/mod/lti/toolconfigure.php .

Click on the cog icon (indicated in image below) to open the External tool configuration:

Copy and paste the new secret key created in Dreamaker..io into the space provided for Shared secret in Moodle:

Click on Save to save the changes. 

This completes the resetting of your Dreamaker.io Moodle integration secret key.

Resetting your consumer key

If you need to reset your consumer key, follow the above steps to access the Dreamaker.io Tool Settings in moodle and change the consumer key. 

This completes the resetting your Dreamaker.io Moodle Integration consumer key.

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