Security is the corner stone of our development at Our platform leverages the best-in-class cloud services of Amazon Web Services - trusted to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations - to offer all our customers complete, end-to-end security. 

  • Encryption of all video, audio and analyses content, at rest and in transit

  • Permission based access

  • HIPAA BAA ready

  • GDPR compliant

Security & Moodle LTI Integration's focus on security extends to our Moodle integrations.

  • SSL connections are a requirement

  • Unique LTI consumer keys are required

  • Shared secrets are required and can be reset as needed

The Consumer Key and Shared Secret

  • The consumer key can be thought of as a username used to authenticate access between your Moodle server and 

  • The shared secret can be thought of as a password used to authenticate access between your Moodle server and 

  • Together, the consumer key and shared secret form a unique and authenticated access protocol between your Moodle server and, protecting the confidentiality and privacy of your and our data.

LTI integrations are available in all organization accounts or by request on Individual accounts.

Interested in a Moodle LTI integration, or an LTI integration other than Moodle? Contact us.

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