This article covers how to access activities through Moodle and add video and audio files to your Moodle assignments and activities.

Note: The activity must first be accessed via Moodle to connect the Moodle activity with

After accessing the activity through Moodle (step 1 and 2 below), do the following:

  • To upload and add a new video or audio file to the activity, follow step 3.

  •  To add an existing video or audio file to the activity, follow step 4.

  • To remove a file from a Moodle activity, follow step 5.  

Step 1: Access the Activity through Moodle 

  1. Log into your Moodle account and click on the relevant activity. activities are indicated by the logo. 

  2. will either open in a new window or within Moodle.

Step 2: Open the Moodle Activity Folder in 

  1. Follow the prompts to either signup for a account or sign into your account. If you are already signed in, skip this step 😊

  2. The Moodle course folder is indicated with the Moodle logo. Open the folder by double-clicking on the thumbnail image. Note that may open inside the course folder. 

Step 3: Upload a New File 

  1. Upload the new file into the Moodle course folder by Drag-and-drop or select. See this article for detailed steps.

  2. Proceed to step 4 to add the file to your assignment.

Step 4: Add an Uploaded File to a Moodle Assignment

  • To add a file to a Moodle activity, move it to the Moodle course folder if it is not already there.

  • Only files in Moodle course folders can be added to a Moodle activity. A greyed out Moodle icon in the top right corner indicates the file has not yet been added to an assignment. An orange icon indicates it has been added to a Moodle activity.

  • To add a file, click on the Moodle icon and select the activity you would like to add it to.

The file has now been added to your Moodle activity and instructors will be able to access it through their own Moodle and accounts (IE - you don't have to manually collaborate with them, its done auto-magically ✨🎩 )

Step 5: Removing files from Moodle Activities 

  • To remove a file from a Moodle activity, click on the orange Moodle icon in the top right corner and select 'Remove from activity'.


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