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Attaching Files to Video and Audio Projects
Attaching Files to Video and Audio Projects

Learn how to attach PDF, Word, and other files to your video and audio projects.

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PDF, Word, image and other files can be attached to your video and audio projects from the project page.


  1. In the app, open the audio or video project you would like to attach files to.

  2. Open the File Attachment tab in the bottom left area of the dashboard.

  3. Select Manage Attachments. A pop-up window will open.

  4. Click on Select a file. Your computer's Explorer or Finder application will open, depending on if you're using Mac, Windows or Linux.

  5. Find and Select the file you would like to upload.

  6. The upload will begin immediately.

  7. Click on Done when finished.

File Formats

A variety of different file attachments can be uploaded, including PDFs, CSVs, word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, text files, rich text files and images. If you have a format we do not accept, drop an email.

Notes on Uploading

  • The speed of your upload will depend on the size in GB of the file you are uploading and the speed of your internet connection.

  • While uploading, keep the browser open and be sure to prevent your computer from sleeping or shutting down as this will stop the upload.

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