Send a copy of just the project audio or video file, or include all analysis, projects notes, file attachments and transcriptions.


From the Landing page:

  1. Open the project context menu: Right click on the project you'd like to send. The Send a Copy pop-up window will open.

  2. Type in the email addresses of the people you would like to send the project to. Separate more than one email address with a comma or a new line.

  3. PS - To send to yourself - ie, make a copy - type in your own address

  4. If you would like to include all analysis, project notes, file attachments and transcriptions, check the appropriate check box.

  5. Click on Send to send!


  • Recipients will receive a copy of the project which they can add to, edit, collaborate, or edit as desired.

  • Sending a copy cannot be undone.

  • When sending analysis, collaborators will not be included but their analysis will.

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