Follow these simple steps to get started with & Moodle.

As a rule of thumb: always access your assignments from Moodle!

1️⃣ Access through Moodle

As stated above, ALWAYS access your assignments from Moodle! After clicking on the assignment link, will open in a new window.

2️⃣ Sign into

If you have not already created a account, create one now.

SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT: use the same email address you use in Moodle to create your new account.

3️⃣ Notice: The Getting Started video & Moodle assignment folder

4️⃣ Watch the Getting Started Video

If you have not already

5️⃣ Record your video

Using a smart phone, laptop or handy-cam, Zoom, or whatever. Save the video onto your computer.

6️⃣ Upload your Video

On the home page, navigate to the Drag or Select File box and select your video file for upload.

7️⃣ Analyze your Video

Play the video and using the dashboards, tag key moments in the video, add notes about why you feel the moment is important and what you are observing

8️⃣ Drag & drop your video into the assignments folder

9️⃣ Submit your Assignment!

After dropping your video in the assignments folder, open the folder. Click on the grey Moodle icon now in top right corner of your video. Click on Assign to activity...

The grey icon will now be orange... Your assignment has been submitted! Teachers will automatically be notified.

For more detailed walk throughs, check out the below articles:

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