Moodle teachers will only be able to see your video or audio assignments after you have submitted the assignment through

In, click on the greyed out Moodle icon on your video / audio file and select Add to .... This will submit your assignment and send an email to the assignment teachers to let them know

Help! I cannot see the greyed out Moodle icon!

If you cannot see the greyed out Moodle icon, learn how get that icon to appear by follow the steps in this article.

Help! The greyed out Moodle icon is orange!

This is good news! It means that your assignment has already been submitted and your teacher should be able to access the it. If not, send them to this article.

Help! I'm a teacher and cannot see my student's assignments!

Fret not, we are here to help you. Read this article to help resolve this issue!

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