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Creating activities in Moodle
Creating activities in Moodle

For instructors, learn how to create activities in Moodle for media upload, review & grading.

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  • To enable grade passbook from to Moodle, you MUST select a grading type of "Point".

Creating a activity in Moodle

  1. Log into your Moodle account, go to course administration and select Turn on editing

  2. Click Add an activity or resource

  3. Select or External tool and click on Add

Configure the tool

  1. Under Adding a new External Tool > General, enter an Activity name

  2. For Preconfigured tool ensure is selected (only applicable if you selected "External tool" in the previous section)

  3. Leave the following fields blank (only applicable if you selected in the previous section): Tool URL, Secure tool URL, Consumer key, Shared secret, Custom parameters, Icon URL, Secure icon URL.

  4. Set Default launch container to "New Window" to open in a new window. This is very important to ensure all features are accessible.

  5. Under Grades, select Type "Point" to ensure grading can be done within This is very important, we can't stress it enough!

  6. Adding additional settings as needed and click Save

  7. That's it! You and your students can now access your activities from within Moodle in the same way you access regular activities

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