• To enable grade passbook from Dreamaker.io to Moodle, a grading type of "Point" must be used.

1. Access the Dreamaker.io Activity through Moodle 

  1. Log into your Moodle account and click on the Dreamaker.io activity you would like to mark. Dreamaker.io activities are indicated by the Dreamaker.io logo.

  2. Dreamaker.io will either open in a new window or within Moodle.

Open the Moodle Activity in Dreamaker.io 

  1. Follow the prompts to sign into your Dreamaker.io account. If you are already signed in, skip this step 😊

  2. Moodle assignment folders and video or audio uploads are indicated with the Moodle logo. Open them by double-clicking on the thumbnail image

Note: If student media files are missing from the folder, ensure you access the
Dreamaker.io assignment folder directly through the Moodle.

3. Mark Dreamaker.io Moodle Activities 

  1. Open the student's media file you would like to mark by double clicking on it.

  2. Select the grading icon, highlighted in red below, to open the grading console.

  3. Add in the grade - values between 0 and 100 can be added - and click on Save. That's it, the grade is automatically passed back to Moodle  🎉 

Please remember that to enable grade passbook from Dreamaker.io to Moodle, you MUST select a grading type of "Point".

LTI integrations are available in all organization accounts or by request and can be added from the Integrations page.

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