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Uninstall Zoom from

The Zoom integration allows you to import files directly from Zoom into Learn how to uninstall Zoom here.

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To uninstall or disconnect your Zoom and accounts, navigate to the the Integrations page in


Zoom's Marketplace Developer Agreement requires to delete all user data shared with by Zoom if Zoom access is deauthorized. This data includes any audio and video files imported from Zoom, as well as all associated analysis. You can give express permission to retain this data in your account before de-authorizing, or within 9 days after deauthorizing. See below for details.


  1. Navigate to your Integrations page by going to Account and then clicking on Integrations, or just click on this direct link -

  2. If you are not already signed in, sign in.

  3. Click on the Deauthorize button next to the Zoom icon, as indicated in the above image. A Confirmation window will pop-up.

  4. TO DE-AUTHORIZE: Click on Deauthorize. Your Zoom & accounts will be disconnected immediately. A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to the media you imported from Zoom into Click on this link to view the media, delete videos immediately, or give express permission to retain this data for you.

  5. TO RETAIN YOUR ZOOM DATA: To view the video and audio files you have imported into from Zoom before deauthorizing, click on the View Media Files Imported from Zoom link in the pop-up.


After de-authorization, you will have 9 days to give express permission to retain the files your imported into your account. After 9 days, and if express permission is not granted, all media files and associated analysis will be permanently deleted. This cannot be undone.

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